Alex Over is a Music Artist, Podcaster, Business Owner and an aspiring Psychologist in the making. His vision is to inspire, expand and authentically share his array of Portfolio work, challenges, experiences and viewpoints across these platforms.

Alex's musical journey took him from DJ-ing Brighton student nights to studying at Access To Music, performing and being associated with some distinguished names within the industry. He has since released music via EMI / Sony Publishing as well as independently.

Not to forget Alex's Psychology work. Driven by a fascination of the ongoing changes within the world and the challenges we all face, Alex's ever-expanding portfolio delves into understanding the coinciding human behaviour and covers a variety of mediums including the Top 20 (UK & US Education Chart) podcast show The U-Turn Podcast and Wednesday Lunchtime Blog. These features cover a different area of Psychology-based discussions, particularly the effects of early development and how it can affect your overall outcomes and choices throughout life.

Alex is also currently working towards a qualification in Psychology, focusing on supporting all aspects of wellbeing and other issues within the music industry.