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Label: Perpetual Collective
Catalogue: 003


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Alex Over continues to showcase his dynamic electronic sounds with The People on EP003, a third fantastic release on Perpetual Collective label. This new release has two distinctive sides: the experimental original more suited to home listening, and a club edit that caters more to DJs and dancers.​ The People (Original Version) is a brilliant heavy track with muscular drums stomping out the groove. Twisted synths, rugged hits and dark spoken words all add to the intensity as rave, techno, bass and more thrillingly collide. The Club Edit has a variety of influences and a more bass-driven sound that makes it ideal for club nights. The percussion will lock in any crowd while the haunting voices remain in place to inject constant dynamism. The People is another superb addition to Alex Over’s ever-growing discography and one that highlights his constantly evolving style.

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