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Music became an inseparable part of my life from the moment I slipped on my first pair of headphones and pressed play on my trusty Walkman during my teenage years. Those early days, filled with the pulsating beats of club music and '80s classics, were more than just a passion; they were a lifeline. I remember vividly how the rich tapestry of sounds, from R&B to film scores, enveloped me, fueling dreams and shaping my destiny. Even when my Walkman was confiscated by the head teacher at school, my unwavering love for music remained undiminished.

Fast forward to today: I'm an electronic music producer and DJ known for my vibrant club tracks and chic vocal hits. My journey took flight in the lively music scene of Brighton UK in 2010. Starting in the back rooms of student nights, I honed my skills, eventually earning coveted residency slots at iconic venues like Coalition and Audio. Here, amid the buzz and beats of Brighton's nightlife, I shared stages with some of the industry's most respected talents.

In 2013, my career took a significant turn when I joined the electronic music collective Let The Machines Do The Work. Playing alongside legends like Booka Shade and receiving accolades from icons such as Zane Lowe and Annie Mac, I was part of a movement that released three EPs, one even under the esteemed Kerri Chandler's label. The eventual departure of the group marked a period of profound personal and professional growth, catalysing self-discovery and artistic evolution.

However, my pursuit of understanding the human mind led me to study Psychology in 2018. Sparked by a series of profound therapy sessions and a growing intrigue in psychological concepts, I began intertwining these insights with my music. This period of self-discovery didn't just enrich my perspective on creativity, it illuminated the nuanced interactions and behaviours within the business world. Leveraging my family's business heritage, I've applied these psychological insights in the music industry and broader business contexts, enabling me to navigate complexities and foster meaningful connections across various professional landscapes.

The conception of 'Over The Mike Show', a podcast I developed with my friend Michael Bodell, was another avenue where my multifaceted interests converged. This venture celebrates friendship, comedy, and deep conversations, delving into a kaleidoscope of topics. Our show features a diverse array of guests from various professional backgrounds, from budding artists to seasoned entrepreneurs, creating a vibrant tapestry of stories and insights. It's a space where laughter intertwines with profound discussions, personally and professionally resonating with our audience.

In 2019, I founded Perpetual Collective, a creative hub that became a melting pot for my music, collaborations and remixes. This initiative showcases my music and exemplifies my business acumen, refined through personal experiences and the legacy of my family business. I'm channelling this rich blend of experiences into writing a book to share my journey's nuanced lessons and stories.

The unveiling of a back catalogue of vocal tracks in 2022, co-created with my long-time collaborator Andrew Shobeiri, marked a new chapter in my career. Featuring some of the UK's most promising vocalists, these tracks were just the beginning. The music I create combines many personal experiences, translated into a format that shares a piece of my soul with every note. 2023 continued this momentum with more releases, including acclaimed remixes by Addison Groove, Skudge, and others. Looking ahead to 2024/2025, I'm excited for the release of a new album, a compilation of vocal tracks and remixes that promise to be the soundtrack of the summer. This album and several collaborative projects in the pipeline illustrate my artistic growth and the rich, diverse and creative relationships I've nurtured.

In every beat, every melody, and every word I craft, my goal is to fuse my love for music with my fascination for the human mind and business principles. Drawing from my family's business heritage and personal journey, I create a unique tapestry of experiences. My journey is more than a career; it's a testament to the power of multidimensional creativity. As I continue on this path, I'm eager to see where this multifaceted journey takes me next and I'm ready to embrace new rhythms, challenges and connections.

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