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London-based composer of contemporary electronic music Alex Over is known for his moving and intricately multi-layered soundscapes. His compositions - revealing the influence of Brian Eno, the Chemical Brothers, John Hopkins and others. His music spans numerous genres and movements, including club, synth, pop and film music.



Solo Work

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Latest Release

The System

As Alex continues to push himself, many influences and his journey over the last 15 years are reflected within his music creations. He has directed himself deeper which has a diverse interpretation of feeling. The name ‘The System’ is relatable for anyone who chooses to listen and questions what it means in their own lives. The track brings an exciting flavour of Hip-Hop and Electronic, with a touch of something you could hear soundtracking a scene in a TV series. Some elements of how Alex likes to approach his productions are pretty varied but are becoming more noticeable as he translates his influences, experiences, and influences.


Quote by Alex:

"When approaching a project these days, I'm aware of everything else going on in our lives. It all boils down to how I feel on the day; sometimes, this equates to thinking there is a sure way I would like it to sound, but then my day to day emotions come into it. It’s a reflection of how I tend to translate this into Music, and it’s quite an excellent form of expression, which I guess is what Music is. It sometimes is that simple, and the beauty of these particular releases is that they are self-released, so I have control over their sound - which is refreshing."




Exclusive: Alex Over Records exclusive takeover mix; listen to his new 003 release

4 December 2021

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