Acceptance & Resignation

Hey! Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Lunchtime Blog. Today, I’d like to touch base on the two areas of ‘accept’ and ‘resign’, and what they can mean to you and the impacts of their different variations.

I wanted to talk about this today because I always try to base these blogs on experience rather than opinions – although there’s nothing wrong with opinions on certain subjects, of course – and it’s useful to identify how we deal with situations in positive and negative ways. For example, a positive acceptance would be when there’s a situation you can’t do anything about and you may have initially regarded it in a negative way, but you then change your perspective to see the outcome in a positive light.

Resignation, on the other hand, is a really interesting concept I’ve come across when studying how changes in the digital world affect how people work. Many people no longer have 9-5 jobs. There’s more flexibility in terms of work hours and the internet is a great platform and tool to use. You could say the modern world is resigning from a normality to do something they’d prefer to be doing. This concept can happen in many aspects of life including work, friendships and the way you live.

Like acceptance, resigning can also be initially regarded negatively, but you can then put it in a positive light by changing and doing something slightly different to the norm. This idea of resigning has become more prominent to me in my study work over the last couple of weeks, and how office-based jobs are going to become less and less because of the increase of people working remotely and being part of the so-called ‘gig economy’. This is where you get assigned to and paid for one project at a time like a freelancer, rather than having contracted hours. There’s also the idea of zero-hour contracts and their positives and negatives, and this is what lead me to thinking about acceptance and resignation but in a slightly different light. It’s not just about handing in your resignation to your boss or just accepting the fact that something is just the way it is, but sometimes it isn’t just the way it is. It’s definitely worth thinking about in your own environment.

That’s something I really wanted to touch base on today – have a think about it this Wednesday lunchtime. See you next week!

See you guys!