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  • Alex Over

Aftersun, 2022

Gripping, it's quite that. I've decided to write a few blogs based on films I've just seen, and this was a great start. I'm not surprised the ratings were high, and the best British movie of the year - for me too! To put it short, I've always loved a good film. It was the start of my love for music and its connection. My fondest memories are when I would go with my grandma in the '90s.

I always knew that film music had influenced me when it came to composing, and this film is no exception - the ending was something else. I'm not here to spoil it, but it leaves you wondering. It's quite something with high-pitched strings which make the statement it deserved. The film is about an eleven-year-old girl called Sophie who has vivid memories of a particular holiday with her Dad, Callum. They had a beautiful bond, slightly broken at times but natural. Life has tragic moments and struggles, but there's a slice hope in the middle. It's illustrated well using the mindset the Dad was in, and what psychologically interested me the most was how it affected Sophie who had a caring nature and knacks to communicate with him. The moments of connection of a father and his daughter have so much life meaning to them but there's an emptiness as that's all she has of him, a memory (this is the interpretation I sensed from it - others will have a different viewpoint of course) which is what struck me most.

So good! Make sure to pay attention throughout too. Solid 5 out of 5. The next one is coming up!

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