As The Path Continues

Hey guys. It’s so good to be back writing the Wednesday Lunchtime Blog. Today’s subject is ‘As The Path Continues’ and will explain how I plan on moving forward. I’m really excited to say I have passed my first stage of my Psychology access course at Open University and I have become a member of the BPS, the British Psychological Society. So that’s a really positive big step forward and is relevant to all the key areas I’m starting to build on.

Season 2 of The U Turn Podcast is coming up and will predominantly focus more on the music industry and my own experiences within it. I am thrilled to be getting back into music and I have a lot of stuff in my portfolio I would like to put forward to people. My first study course has finished which is great and finding out I passed last week was really exciting. I found out I had improved over the course by taking certain steps and advice on board.

The Wednesday Lunchtime Blog will be ongoing again. It has been nice to be able to have this little break to reflect and plan on how I’d like to move forward. The website has also been updated which is a really important aspect of moving forward as I’m now able to organise my projects.

The first episode of Season 2 of The U Turn Podcast will be up later today and will focus on the music industry. I will be talking a lot more about understanding my own environment and experiences and how they have had an effect. There is a lot of subjects to talk about around the mental and physical well-being within the industry and the difficulties and ongoing issues that have been happening. I am more interested in the clinical side of Psychology, which is a large spectrum, however it relates to the issues within the music industry.

See you next week!