• Alex Over

Business: who to keep clear of and or to keep close by

In this week's blog, I discuss business and how vital the critical fundamentals are to survive even in the most challenging situations, especially when considering where the world is currently. I'll bring in some Psychology elements and factor in some experiences I’ve had with people: who to stay clear of, and who to stick around with.

Listen while you read:

We are now just passing the two-year mark since the pandemic started. It's quite a sticky subject for a good reason. There was loss and isolation, and mental health issues were through the roof - not to forget it was a great opportunity for particular characters to slip through the cracks, and by this I mean the ones who are in it for themselves. This is a vast subject, and I'm sure you also have some great examples from within your own environment.

I can't even start on how difficult it would have been for the venues and up-and-coming independent artists in the music industry, especially those beginning to build momentum just before the pandemic hit.

Today, I am talking from a business point-of-view, looking at experiencing other work areas away from music without going into the fine details. But the reality of what was happening was quite something, there was almost shameful behaviour. My psychology studies have helped me soften my emotions towards it: it isn’t a matter of avoidance, it’s just a matter of bringing awareness and attention to it in a non-automatic manner, which we all slip into more than we like to admit.

We tend to have a notion of auto-pilot, making assumptions and not doing much conscious thinking, like when you know a route so well when driving, it’s second nature. But the critical point to this is the bits you mishear and miss-see - even in our own thoughts. I think my exact realising moment was when I took a step back and addressed what was really going on here. One great example is the pattern you learn from people who make assumptions fed by others; as we know, there are three sides to a story: yours, theirs and the truth!

This lack of attention to detail seems more at the forefront of our minds than ever. With such uncertainty in many aspects of business, never get complacent and know who is with you to stay and who is there to push you over. To ask the right questions, don't get too emotionally attached to others' hot air ideas or this unwillingness to speak to you appropriately. The best example is the person who wants to get involved in something you present, but talks shit.

I'll talk more on this in detail via tomorrow's podcast episode:

  • Business and how to treat it like how you would want to nurture yourself in terms of self-value and not self-obsession.

  • Most people will be nice, as they see something in it for themselves but be careful that you don’t miss the good people and opportunities on both ends.

  • One of the latest areas I’ve learnt is around the attention studies which I will delve further into and also the lack of detail and attention we give things due to the world we live in, which could be to do with our access to technology.