Expressing Your Experiences Part 1

Hey, it’s another week of the Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs. Welcome and thanks for joining! Today, I wanted to touch base on talking about your experiences and the importance of experiences. The one thing I’ve found recently is the importance of articulating the effects of experiences - my mind set around this has really changed. Before, I was a little shy and didn’t think I had any reason to talk about my experiences as I didn’t think they could bring anything to the table, which is quite funny looking at it now. Everybody has something to offer and it’s about how well you address it. It’s worth thinking about what subjects you can talk about which could be some value to people. I touch on this subject now and again on The U Turn Podcast.

I think it is the fear-factor that holds us back from sharing our experiences. We’re afraid of talking about ourselves too much as we fear of looking self-indulgent and self-centred, and we’re afraid others may think all we’re interested in is ourselves. But, I think it’s more about how you address it, what you talk about and the importance of the experiences you have. I feel that some of the experiences I’ve been going through over the last couple of years, especially in the work environment, have been so fundamental in my change of mind set. Experiencing different things within my family business, for example, and the impacts of it have been phenomenal. I think my experiences would have been very challenging for most and being able to share these stories, the impacts of being in a family business while simultaneously trying to work out what it is I’m looking to do, is very important.

If you’ve looked through my website, you’ll know I’ve been doing a few things including working within the music industry, training in Psychology and making podcasts. This led me to question, what does work mean? Talking about these experiences could impact where I could end up. It’s important to learn and understand signs and patterns that approach you without ignoring them. Thanks to technology these days, a vast amount of information is accessible; everybody loves a good story and everybody has a story to tell. It’s about how you come across and how you want to talk about it.

I think that touching base on these particular subjects over the past few weeks has created a platform for people to question their perceptions and take note of how these can relate to them and its impacts. It’s possible to experience loneliness if you feel that you’re the only one going through these experiences, but it’s not until you talk to people, lay your cards out, show that vulnerability and willingness to address, that you can be your real true self (which is something I talked about on a blog a few weeks ago). These subjects are all interlinked and I feel today’s subject is a nice reminder to be your true self. It’s really important to talk about your experiences and address them in a way that feels good for you – don’t think there’s any shame attached to it; regardless of the scenario, you’d be surprised how many others have had similar experiences.

So, today’s subject is a good one to think about this lunch time. Have a little think in terms of your own experiences and what they’ve meant to you recently and how they’ve adjusted your way of thinking to therefore move forward. It’s a really interesting subject to think about and now something I really enjoy doing, hence this blog.

I’ll be doing a Part 2 on this subject. Keep an eye out.

See you next week,