First Quarter (Excelling)

Hey hey hey! So, it’s another week of the Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs. Welcome! Thanks for joining. Today, I’m going to extend on last month’s First Quarter (Reflection) blog which was four weeks ago now. This blog can be considered as Part 2 of 4, this time focussing on the subject of excelling and being at a really crucial point of the year. I’m trying not to focus too much on what you should be doing in terms of particular points of the year but it’s just a good framework to work alongside in order to have some form of structure. A yearly structure is a really useful to use as an outline and outlook on how you could be potentially succeeding your goals.

As we are now heading into April and we’ve had the first three months of the year, now is a great opportunity to gather an understanding of where you are at in terms of your goal achievements, where you want to be and where you see yourself by the end of the year. It’s useful to look to achieve those tasks and goals without it being a tick list or letting it overtake your life, it should be more about doing things that you truly love.

In my own life, I’ve been working on the new family business and I haven’t working on any music for a while, but I’m now back working on music projects again, which is really exciting because of the timeframe I’ve set for myself. There has, of course, been a lot of planning beforehand and the actual implementation of these plans has been fundamental to therefore excel in the rest of the year. So, currently, I’m coming to the end of the first part of my Psychology course, I’m back in music, the family business is picking up again and turning around which is a massive positive in general, and now I have an opportunity to excel over the next three months. The first three months have been really busy – in a productive sense, of course, I’m not just throwing about the word ‘busy’ like many do when they’re not, but that’s a subject for another day.

Based on today’s subject of excelling, now is a good opportunity to reflect and plan for April, May and June to therefore get you into July, August, September to then go into the end of the year. So, you’ve got Part 2 of the year right now, then Part 3 and then finish on a high in Part 4. That’s a really important factor to think about this lunchtime and remind yourself that you’ve got the rest of the week to evaluate the first quarter of the year and reflect. This blog is really a Part 2 of that reflection I mentioned last month. Excelling is Part 2 of 4 and it all works together. Think about what that might mean to you in terms of how you could excel in these next three months now the first three months have been done, and what it is you need to readjust and relook at. I know I certainly haven’t been doing that and there have been some quite big changes, but there have also been some really positive impacts, and that’s what you need to have. You need the positive impacts, without sounding too generic or fluffy about it, and it really can be as simple as that. Nothing too difficult.

So, have a think about that and I’ll see you next week.