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  • Alex Over

Floating Points - Vocoder

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

First and foremost, it's his versatility that I like most about Floating Points, aka Sam Shepherd, as an artist; when a new release appears, I'm always eagerly intrigued to know what it's going to sound like or be. Is it a soundtrack, club mix, or another release alongside Pharaoh Sanders and The London Symphony Orchestra? And this British Electronic Musician never disappoints.

This is what is personally and significantly exciting for me when reviewing great artists such as Shepherd. 'Vocoder' is fresh from his catalogue too. So, as I listen again, instantly it feels new and out of the box thanks to its club elements fused with a variety of other elements which makes it super interesting. The elements at the start are almost flat before the sudden crisp percussion comes in with subtle vocals and wonky chords which enhance the experience. The first drop with the bass punching through compliments it so well and I love and appreciate how the feedback of the vocal snippet stays there, raises and cuts out. It's so creative.

After a long wait since the release of 'Promises', Floating Points does not disappoint with 'Vocoder' which is out now via the London-based record label, Ninja Tune.

Check it out - take a listen via the YouTube link above.

Solid 5/5 from me.

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