• Alex Over


Updated: Mar 16

Alex Over is a Music Composer at heart, aspiring Psychologist in mind, joint Business owner by adoption, active Tennis Player by far, and a fanatic reviewer for the City of London. Alex will be correlating these aspects within his new Blog and ongoing Podcast, The U-Turn Podcast, which will feature insights into how these aspects have moulded him into the person he is today. He will be sharing his thoughts through the perspective of his everyday life experiences in Music Production, Psychology Studies, Business Challenges, and playing Tennis, as well as leaving reviews in exciting locations in London which have inspired him to look further than ever.

Listen while you read:

Initially back in 2018, coming up with a concept for a blog and podcast was tricky as it didn't quite feel all there in terms of content and subject, but I hope this time around, the information I will present provides some interesting insights.

There was a six-month period leading into March 2020 where I created a rhythm making Music and habits that luckily could be carried on throughout the first stages of the pandemic. One of the main reasons for this was that as most people were working in their pants, they were trying to understand how best to work with the circumstances presented to them, and for me like most, it was an intense period.

I've also managed to continue studying for my Psychology degree in the midst of it all which has helped me immensely. I will dig deeper into what I have learnt and hopefully conjure up some thoughts of your own within your environment for you to consider in the coming weeks. Plus, what I have experienced in business during this time has been interesting; complex but some intriguing points for discussion and some good tips and lessons to be learnt.

To conclude, the purpose of this blog is to go into more detail of all of these aspects with Music being at the forefront at this stage, of course. Still, I'm itching to feature and connect with other aspects and try to make it as exciting and relevant as possible for you from various angles.

Next up this week, you can look forward to an extended version of this discussion in the podcast on Tuesday and a new music release called "The System". The composition was completed a few months ago, and I will be delving into the inspiration and ideas behind this piece of Music on Wednesday. Plus, don’t miss my Track and Artist of the Week on a Thursday, this week featuring the incredible Max Cooper.

Next week in the blog, I will discuss business and how vital the critical fundamentals are to survive even in the most challenging situations, especially where the world is currently. I'll bring in some Psychology learning and factor in some experiences with people: who to stay clear of, and who to stick around with.