Intro: Wednesday Lunchtime Blog

Yaaaaay, here we are.

This is the Alex Over Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs. I think that sounds good…? Well anyway, it’s a concept that I’ve been thinking about for a while as I really wanted to create some written content.

To provide a little background on me, I started, obviously, with music by building a portfolio, going to music school and releasing some music. Then I took on a roll in the family business and experienced some big challenges through it which is something I’ll talk about more in later editions of the blog. And now, the ‘Alex Over’ concept/identity/brand is flourishing and we also have new additions. This concept has been built up over the last 6 months; The U Turn Podcast has been doing particularly well. It’s been going for 7 months, and now has over 30 episodes. I’ve been really fortunate in that it reached the Top 5 (and actually hit No. 1 and No. 2 in the US) on the Education section of the iTunes Podcast chart, which was absolutely amazing. I can’t thank you enough to those who are taking the time to listen to it.

So, I thought, ‘Right, I’m going to extend on this now’. The music had to be put aside and I started training in Psychology. Now, I’m studying it every day, learning about people, work and society, but I fundamentally hope to delve a little deeper into these subjects in due course.

The previous blog was a one-off around the subject of ‘Therapy’ which was so significant for me last year and it helped me massively. It was also a part of my interest in Psychology; learning and everything else around it. So now I’ve decided to do these blogs along with another addition to the Alex Over brand: Alex Over Sessions. This addition will consist of more audio and video content around the things I do and people I interact with. While the podcast is based more on my general experiences in things I’ve been going through. Some of these have been quite difficult, some quite good, or however you choose to perceive them in your own life and how it could possibly help you. Whether it does or not is another question, but as it is, it provides people the opportunity to listen and contemplate.

I just wanted to write this first blog to say Hi and thanks for reading up to this point which shows you’ve got some interest, I appreciate it. And throughout this year, I will be putting a lot of great things out there. I have lots of great content and an exciting a plan. The blog is a great addition to this plan which I’m really excited to dive a little more into too.

So, I’ll see you next week and I’m going to get cracking on with the rest of what I need to do to bring and enhance this a bit more.

See ya,