Here we are: week 4. We’re into the second month of 2019 and today’s subject is focused on Limitations and the affects they can have on you as an individual. I want to talk about this subject on today’s Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs as some of the subjects I have covered so far made me think about the limitations we all put on ourselves, in all aspects of our lives. Some of these limitations have impacted me personally, and I could talk a lot about the subject area of self-doubt. Self-doubt does not predominantly involve your thought process or your own ability to work something out. You know you can do it, but influences of external environments can stop you from achieving what you want and can achieve.

As it’s the middle of the week, and the whole point of these blogs is to touch base on certain important subjects, I’d like to emphasise and ask you to think about the limitations that you have faced where you perhaps could have done something slightly different. This isn’t about regretting or wishing you’d done something different. It’s something more important than that: understanding why those limitations have prevented you doing what you wanted to do. It’s about grasping an understanding of the external influences on your perceived capabilities, using your intuition and sub-conscious mind, and consciously think about what feels right for you, even if it feels blurred at the moment. What does the term ‘limitations’ really mean to you?

Limitations can really have a massive impact on your life, from your childhood right through to adolescence and adult life. I don’t want to discriminate against certain ages by categorising here, it’s more about your own context – only you know, of course, what that is – and allowing yourself to understand what has affected you. It could be something very small that’s had a significant impact or something very large that’s only had a small impact.

Limitations and how they can potentially affect you is an interesting subject as they have shown to hinder the self-actualisation of your capabilities. It’s not just about self-doubt and allowing it to dictate how you move forward, limitations also involve fear, anxiety and so many other of our reactions. In my own experience, my self-doubt, as I also explain in my podcasts, came about in school when I didn’t fall into the category I was expected to be in, without an understanding of me as an individual or discussing where I can go from there. I knew in my mind I was capable, I just knew I wasn’t quite at the point that was expected of me. As a result, that had an effect on me. But now, the cards have turned as I’m now able to reflect on those experiences and I now realise as a child I was actually quite aware. I was curious and didn’t have any fear, but I didn’t use that to my advantage.

Now, however, I’m at a point where I know what I’m good at and what I’m not so good at, but I’m able to get places without shortcutting or manipulating anyone. That's being my true self. I think, once you start to grasp that idea, you begin to have a lot of eureka moments which is a big part of being your true self. Another example I can give from my own life is that I’m a great listener, but perhaps not assertive enough in discussions in order to articulate how I feel. When I say assertive, I don’t mean in a manipulative, selfish way, it’s about clearly articulating what you want to say while also being fair to others. I feel being too good a listener and not assertive enough has limited me. I haven’t used my intuition and it therefore has potentially had some negative effects on me. But understanding that is absolutely fundamental.

Food for thought for today’s Wednesday Lunchtime Blog.

See you next week.