Hey everyone. Blimey, this week has gone quickly! I want to jump straight in firstly by mentioning my latest episode of The U Turn Podcast on Monday which focussed on ‘perspective’ – check it out!

Welcome to the Alex Over Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs, thanks for reading. Just a quick one on this subject today; it’s a word I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. Well, it’s more to the point of what ‘maturity’ means to myself. As you’ll be aware by now, I like to detail my own experiences, as they run alongside my Psychology training, with an authentic, honest view, hoping they can provide you an insight and be something you can learn from.

So, ‘Maturity’ is a really good subject for me to focus on today as, like everyone, I’ve been going through some ups and downs and transitions. Maturity is a word that I feel is quite significant. It doesn’t mean that you’ve got to act mature and think that by being mature you’re being sensible. I think maturity, in a psychological sense, is more the awareness of yourself and what that does to help impact your own life. Knowing and understanding who you are as an individual, but not just being an individual and doing everything as an individual. The society that we live in at this moment in time is very driven towards the idea of being independent: I like to do this, I like to do that. We crave connections and everything else around it. So, maturity, for me personally, is an understanding of yourself as well as other people - really grasping the people that you surround yourself with and having a sense of maturity around that. How you respond to things and having a real understanding, but also allowing yourself to respond in that way.

In my latest podcast on perspectives and what that means, I was touching base, funnily enough, on one of the previous blogs on therapy: psychodynamic therapy and the perspective around it and understanding how your childhood experiences can affect your everyday adult life. If you’re not aware of that, (without sounding preachy, judgemental or instructive) maturity is a sense of really understanding yourself on a deeper level, and adapting accordingly to situations where people also have their own experiences while taking on board what that is and their human behaviours.

So, today maturity is something that I wanted to touch base on and it’s a nice little read and it gets you thinking what maturity means to you. What does maturity mean? Maturity for me means a level of discipline that is not just being mature and being the adult. No, it’s on a much deeper level than that, understanding who you really are. Even some of the most difficult situations can create a sense of maturity and an understanding. From my own experience, even though it has been unbelievably challenging in my personal life, it has opened up so many doors as I haven’t responded robotically or just went along with it, feeling like I haven’t accomplished much. These certain situations may not be ideal but the maturity within it is how you respond to certain things.

I feel like, in my own experience, maturity has been absolutely fundamental and it’s that I’m going to be talking about more on these blogs. It’s a case of thinking what maturity actually means. It’s something I feel very strongly about and what it represents. It’s thinking about the long term, the commitments towards it and it’s a mixture of things like gratification and the quality of life that you’re striving for. Having that maturity to adjust to things that may not necessarily be quite what you’d like, adjusting to those things where you’re really taking on board every single angle, not just your own point of view. And I think that is absolute key to this whole subject.

One final note, using your intuition towards certain things can help you understand where you are currently, what’s happened in the past and where you could potentially go in the future. There are a lot of situations where you feel depressed because of previous experiences, you feel anxiety because of future reasons, without really thinking enough in the now. You can use that level of maturity to understand what you are, how you tick and understanding the psychology deeper levels of it.

So, I will leave you on that one and I will see you next week.