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  • Alex Over

Max Cooper - Exotic Contents

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

It feels great to feature Max Cooper as my first Artist of the week, especially as Exotic Contents has been newly released.

As well as his impressive catalogue to date, Max has a PhD in Science and creates unique visual art alongside his Music, so he seemed to fit the bill and be the best way to start this new feature.

In my interpretation of this piece, it instantly conjured both the fast and slow versions of life in a flash (in a nutshell).

The video starts with a map of the Earth and then takes you through so many aspects of the world: nature, politics, places, occasions, numbers, people, art. But towards the end, it slows down, and you’re moved away from Earth.

It suits Max's development perfectly in the details, sound design and critique, all beautifully moulded together.

It's quite an experience listening to the various sounds: glitches, great-sounding chords punched in and creepy vocal snippet placements that enter subtly with some crazy halftime DnB in there too. I love the idea that the video provides sections within each element, like a film cut for each scene.

This is a more significant step towards his visual work and illustrates how he's bringing his sound into his various interests and how Max is expressing that. I find it fascinating and quite refreshing; there's a little more detail and purpose to his work.

You could hear this being used within a section of a film scene and I would recommend to keep listening to it as you discover more each time. The more you do, the more challenging it is as it's hard to remember what you have heard and seen before which is an exciting concept. It almost feels somewhat timeless and will sound different each time you listen to it.

It’s quite something.

Solid 5/5

Exotic Contents video is out now via YouTube as part of Max Cooper’s new album project. Official release date: 25th March 2022 Label: Mesh

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