As a society, there is something we absolutely, fundamentally crave: peacefulness within ourselves. This is today’s Alex Over Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs. Welcome.

Peacefulness is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot today. There were a few similar subjects I was considering writing about, but I decided this was the most relevant subject due to the current situation of most of us: it’s the new year.

There are a lot of pressures we put on ourselves and each other. We’ve got to do this, got to set these goals, got to have these intentions, must do this, must do that, if I don’t hit this by this certain point, I won’t achieve this. As I near February and March, I tend to lose my motivation, I haven’t made plans, I haven’t been spontaneous. And so on.

It should be more about being peaceful with yourself. I’ve noticed some people, on the other hand, become quiet in the new year because they feel the opposite. They feel that January is a great time to wind down after the year has come to an end. They have this sense of accomplishment, they’ve done really well. They’ve got to a point in their life where they’re content in doing that and I think that’s a really great approach.

So, what I would like to think people would do and something I’m definitely considering doing at the end of this year, is exactly that. Go into January being very peaceful, and not using January as a month to begin working on the goals I set in November and December. It’s actually quite nice for this time of year to act as a moment to reflect on what you’ve done and achieved and what your aspirations are and what you really want to do. That realisation in yourself coupled with that peacefulness can be very authentic, and as I’m writing this, it offers a real sense of clarity. That peacefulness within yourself creates the clarity to therefore make good decisions and have good intentions.

And that’s the area I wanted to talk about because I’ve been learning a lot in Psychology about people, work and society. What I’ve been learning is how intense the world can be and what goes on. There is a lot of great things that people do, lots of big changes happening but there’s a lot of stuff to sort out and I’m sure that’s the same for all of us. We’ve all consistently got a lot of things to do. It’s about giving ourselves that inner-peace.

What I really want you to think about mid-week is, what does peacefulness currently mean to you? It’s a subject I feel quite strongly about and I hope it’s something that can make you think. Peacefulness should be something that makes you feel very content in yourself, what you do or striving to do, even with the challenges that you face. By giving yourself these opportunities of clarity and time to breathe and stretch, it really does help that peacefulness within yourself.

I’ll see you next week.