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  • Alex Over

Sinéad Harnett – Ready Is Always Too Late (Deluxe Album)

What better time to introduce this Deluxe version of 'Ready Is Always Too Late' as the year anniversary of the album approaches.

I thoroughly enjoy the versatility of Sinéad's voice. It's solid, and her tonality works well with the style of music presented within this album especially; it demonstrates a lot of maturity and growth since her previous releases.

I appreciate the lyrical content and how it translates into her form of expression. You can hear plenty of influence in terms of the style, some late 90's and early 00's R&B. The cover version of 'At Your Best' really brings out the focus around the vocal itself and most certainly has its own unique sound; that's the beauty of a high-quality vocalist, you can spot it straight away. I'd also like to highlight the Lessons in Love acoustic album which is worth listening to.

Looking at other tracks, the popular 'Take Me Away' is a nice upgrade from the cover and acoustic album and brings in other musical elements to expand and showcase more of her artistic talent. What particularly springs to mind is that with this versatility, you could imagine her performing in a club or a large concert venue, but also in one of those quaint jazz clubs, providing something quite intimate.

That's quality right there.

It's strong.

5/5 on this release.

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