Slowing Down

Hey, welcome to another week of the Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs. Today’s subject is based on the idea of slowing down. This is something that I have been emphasising on The U Turn Podcast recently and it also touches on some subjects of some previous blogs too.

I try not write these blogs based on what other people say, I base them purely off my own life experiences and I try to articulate them in a way that could possibly resonate with you and perhaps be relatable to your life. I wanted to talk about this particular subject today as it’s interesting when you reflect on previous experiences and realise when something became unintentionally domineering in your life. This particular aspect may have taken priority over other equally, or perhaps more, important aspects of life. This reflection makes you realise you need to take the opportunity to slow down and re-evaluate your core values, goals and aspirations.

This subject touches on areas I’ve been learning on my Psychology course around society, people and work, and what has been really fascinating to discover is that we add so much complexity to simple things, which is human nature, of course. Even by just saying ‘slowing down’, and thinking and embracing what that actually means to you, can really help clear your mind, even if you’re a little muddled about why you’re slowing down. Perhaps you’re looking into making a career change, or you want to become more social, or you want to get into a relationship, or you want to improve your familial relationships, or maybe you feel you have to take the driving seat, not in a controlling way, but in order to take some form of leadership instead being reactive. That’s something I’ve definitely realised. I’ve talked about intuition and similar aspects recently and it really is about uncovering your core values.

We all want to be happy and have freedom in life, but a lot of people will talk about the materialistic aspects of life which are only a small element to life. Life has so many more fundamental elements and by being able to slow down has allowed me to truly, deep down, think about what is actually important to me. For example, as you know, I’ve been undergoing a Psychology course which has been quite full-on. Writing academically is something that is challenging in itself to anyone, regardless of their ability, and it’s definitely something I’ve improved upon, though there’s definitely a lot more to be improved. By being able to slow down has allowed me to realise while undergoing this course, I’ve been neglecting other important aspects of my life. For example, I haven’t spent as much time working on music as I’d like to. You could say there’s also a positive outcome to this neglect, however, as it has provided me with some breathing space as it was quite intense before. But now, because I’ve had that breathing space, I feel really motivated to slow down and work out over the next few months what I’d like to do next.

It is, of course, also about the context of your own life and what works for you and it’s not always going to be instant. It may not always be ideal and it may be something that keeps consistently changing and you’re still trying to work out what that is, but if you’re really true to yourself like I feel like I am now where I do deeply know what I want to do after trying out different things, then you will be able to put the jigsaw pieces together. It’s exciting because when you slow down, you suddenly become more patient. You create this clear headspace and you know exactly what you want to do. That’s the really important thing.

If I can give anyone a lesson today, if you’re fearful about making those changes and feel overwhelmed, then allow yourself to be patient with yourself and find an opportunity to slow down to really, deeply think about the cause and how you could make a possible change. This could be something you actually need help with. I’m not qualified to help in that sense, but there are people out there who can advise you.

Have a think about that in your own context and what slowing down could mean to you.

See you next week.