Teamwork Part 1

Hey! Welcome to another week of the Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs. Thanks for joining. This is becoming a nice regular slot to talk about experiences. At the moment, it’s working well in line with the podcast in terms of particular subjects and experiences while providing different perspectives.

Today, I’d like to talk about Teamwork and its importance. This subject has come up today because I’m currently realising just how important teamwork is. We often read a lot about the number one reason workers within organisations feel so undervalued is because they’re not getting anything from the work they’re doing; e.g. progress, development, promotions, etc. I think within the Western society, individuality is a prominent mind set. Even though we live in a civilised country like the UK where work is a large part of society, there are still a lot of challenges around this part of life.

Teamwork is so vital to the function of an organisation. Many factors can affect your work, whether that’s certain challenges you’re facing at work, or even situations outside of work. There are always expectations. Expectations is quite a large subject which I’ll probably touch on in next week’s blog. This is just an intro into why teamwork is so important not just in your company, but in relationships, friendships, etc. It’s all about the act of understanding, clarification and communication.

Within my Psychology studies, I’ve been learning a lot about being a great listener, communicating clearly and being assertive. I’ve been really focussed on this last point recently. It’s not about having power, control and telling people what to do, it’s about actively having an understanding of each other, asking the right questions and having trust in people - which can be very difficult in teamwork as some people may be underperforming because they don’t feel like they’re being valued, for example, or because they don’t know how to conduct themselves in a way that is expected of them. It always boils down to fear: What are people going to think? Am I going to be judged? Is this going to be good enough?

Teamwork is all about communication, really listening and understanding your teammates. Some people say they don’t have the so-called ‘time’ because they don’t have enough resources, etc. We all have life targets and we put so much pressure on ourselves that we become spread some thinly. Therefore, we can’t communicate properly or work to our fullest potential in a team.

Teamwork is a really good thing to think about today as it’s mid-week and it’s something I’m going to emphasise further in coming weeks. Have a think about it - it’s quite an interesting subject. Teamwork Part 2 blog coming soon.

See you next week!