Hey guys, welcome to the Wednesday Lunchtime Blog. I was just looking through some of the subjects we have previously discussed and how they all link together. So today I feel it only makes sense to continue this self-help whistle-stop tour and focus on the subject of tension. I will be extending on this subject on today’s U Turn Podcast which will also touch on conflict.

Now we’re into the second quarter of the year, personally, I suddenly feel a lot of tension due to a lack of planning. I haven’t necessarily been disorganised, but a lot of things have suddenly arisen. These are actually very positive things, but because they have all unexpectedly cropped up at the same time, I don’t currently have time set aside in my schedule to deal with them and it has become a little overwhelming.

There are a lot of different reasons why people feel tension – you may be feeling tension in the same way I am or for a completely different reason. We’re at the change of season and last week I was talking about what’s next, the previous week I was talking about the first quarter of the year and excelling, the week before was talking about slowing down, and what I’ve actually found is that I’ve now gone into tension-mode due to a lack of planning and poor communication.

I emphasise more on tension and conflict on the podcast so have a listen later - there will be a link in the Podcast section.

This time of the year is always a funny one. There’s been a lot of planning in the first quarter, trying to resolve and sort out a lot of things, but now I’m in that tension mode, getting out of that linear feeling. I’m also nearing the end of my Psychology course and I have a lot to do in that aspect and I have a few things to do on the music side too. My question to you would be, what’s causing you tension at the moment? When I discuss this issue with people, they seem to be feeling the same but for very different reasons.

Have a think about that – it’s a really interesting subject, especially now it’s the middle of the week. I’ll leave you with it.

See you next week!