• Alex Over

The importance of subtle and continual learning

I was lucky enough to attend a short course at NFTS [National Film and Television School] in the UK, covering Film Music. It was super exciting and a great subject to touch on. I thought tying this in with the subject of the importance of subtle and continual learning would be perfect for this week’s blog.

I wanted to delve into this subject further because each time I undertake further learning or training, it reminds me of its importance and why attending such courses is vital, not necessarily just for self-improvement, but sometimes for something as simple as undergoing another experience that fulfils an area of interest in your life.

Like many, I do a lot of online learning, and my Psychology degree already ticks that box heavily. Plus, with the last two years being somewhat a blur, I wanted to revisit some face-to-face learning. It did not disappoint. The last course I did was a Sound Design course, and during the last semester, we went into the first lockdown. I almost forgot the importance of learning around others, and, for me, the most important part is being able to listen and speak with others about their experiences, which is priceless.

In tomorrow’s podcast, I will delve deeper into this subject; please join me as I have lots of points to cover.