• Alex Over

The Now

Listen while you read:

The idea of ‘The Now’ has been on my mind on quite a few occasions, lately; one example was when I was having a 1-1 tennis coaching session. It’s a simple yet effective thought process: I was saying to the coach that my forehand seemed off and I was making multiple mistakes with it. His response was: “Are you thinking about the one-shot ahead and where you are aiming for and why?” I said, “I guess I’m not and I’m trying to be more in the moment.” He said, “Let’s start from this basis then.” My initial response was interesting because, well, I need to think more like this. The only way I can think of the next shot before I hit it is by being in the moment, and this was very much how I’ve been feeling about a lot of areas in my life, lately. I believed that by just thinking about being in the moment was enough to make my next move work, but that isn’t necessarily true.

I believe this is an important subject to highlight because we do tend to be reactive beings sometimes, without too much thought to it. This is okay in some cases, of course, but if it happens in most of your areas in life, then you could experience issues. Mindfulness, for example, and being in the moment is essential because it provides you with the opportunity to think about some of the steps ahead. It creates a headspace that I feel many of us need, especially in these times, when making specific discussions within our lives. We need to take out much of the emotional instincts and narrow down what the basic aspects are and why.

When having a practice tennis hit with other people, I tend to hear about how they don’t feel like they are performing as well as they want to. When we were discussing further, I highlighted that I was having the same issues. It’s unbelievable how many people generally felt the same. It’s made me want to discuss this more in detail via the podcast, and the full episode will be available from Tuesday 29 March.

The Now.