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  • Alex Over


Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Boo-ya! I like the instant, straight to point, rough around the edges feel. Probably because it reminds me of my old weekly clubbing days when I was just endlessly enjoying the dance floor; a rarity as a spectator, but I appreciate the anticipation and reminders it has for me personally.

The sampling and vocal edits do remind me of Four Tet stuff, just in terms of the sounds. The only real difference with Kieran's stuff is that his sounds pop out and are pretty deliberate. It feels cleaner with good balance but, as always with music, it's subjective and I'm not here to compare, it's merely as an observation.

The drums on the low end and occasional thudding bass, along with the washy pads, break the track up nicely.

The first breakdown is subtle, and I enjoy the rebuild of the drums and return of the vocal snippets with some melodic high notes; it's almost spooky but would certainly keep the dancer moving. I've enjoyed the variety of TSHA's releases. It shows diversity and variety, which I feel is key to staying alive in this industry. Looking at previous releases, the original 'Move On' has a more laid-back feel to 'OnlyL', which feels more in-between that release and this latest release. Hence, there is a solid balance and element of surprise coming out in TSHA's music, which is tricky to do but she's certainly hitting the nail on the head so far.

BOYZ is out now via Fabric.

4/5 for me.

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