Unconscious Bias

Hey guys. Welcome to another week of the Wednesday Lunchtime Blog. Before I start, I’d like to mention my new feature Alex Over Sessions which started last week on the subject of expressing my experiences. So, every Wednesday, I will be exploring a particular subject on The U Turn Podcast, this blog and in the sessions, approaching the subject from a slightly different angle on each platform. The audio format will be the longest version as I will be talking in a bit more depth. The blog which you’re reading now is a very shortened version, highlighting some key elements predominantly from my own experiences. And the sessions video is about half the length of the podcast.

So today, I’d like to quickly touch base on the subject of the unconscious bias. This subject is so fundamental, it’s important to understand what it means to you. There isn’t only one way of looking at it. The unconscious bias is about understanding things that affect your everyday outcome such as particular stereotypes, cultural contexts, your own background, personal experiences and external environments. For me, personally, I’ve undergone a lot of challenges where it comes to the unconscious bias. It’s not just because of snap judgements that I’ve made in the past, it’s about snap judgements that have affected my outcome which have had more of an negative impact than a positive. This is due to the fact that I wasn’t aware of the unconscious bias. I had awareness of the subconscious mind and consciousness, but as I’ve been undergoing this Psychology course, I have learnt more about the in between details. It’s not that I know everything, I’m just willing to understand more about why I act and make certain life choices.

The influence behind unconscious bias is what I’d like to delve more into today. I will talk about perception bias on the sessions video, I’ve talked about realisation on the podcast. It’s bizarre really as whenever I do these features, I always find I have a particular subject in mind that I want to talk about but my direction changes as I think things through which is quite nice as it makes the structure less rigid.

In my sessions video, I also talk about equality. There’s a lot of feminist issues in the spotlight at the moment which is good. From a male perspective, I think it’s great as I do not like the superiority of men – I don’t like it whatsoever. As a man, I will say that quite comfortably because of the experiences I have had previously and have currently. The unconscious bias has a lot to do with decisions made which have impacted me without me realising due to stereotypes, cultural contexts, personal experiences and backgrounds. There will be a lot of speculation when I say this but from my own experience it predominantly comes from a male angle because of unfortunately the way society is, and the unconscious bias come into it.

I thought the unconscious bias would be a really great subject to talk about and dive into a little bit more today. It needs to be extended upon and I will talk more about my experiences, the effects it has had on me and what might trigger you in your own life. Have a think about what your environment is and what effects it has on you - it’s so important to understand. It’s so complex and so horribly difficult to go through as you have to put a lot of work into it to understand why you’re behaving in that way and the effects it has on you. It’s really important.

So, I’ll leave you on that one and I’ll see you next week.

See you guys!