What's next? Sessions!

Hey guys, thanks for joining! This is really short addition of the Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs. Before continuing to delve deeper into self-help subjects, I just wanted to outline what’s coming up next for Alex Over. Now the weekly blogs and The U Turn Podcast (which will celebrate its first anniversary in June) have become a regular thing, I’m now planning to expand by creating visual content to run alongside the subjects covered in the podcasts and blogs.

Keep a look out on Instagram in the coming weeks as I will be sharing a 1 minute taster of each video on the platform and the extended versions will be available on my website and YouTube channel. These videos will provide more of a personal and human perspective now the other segments are up and running.

I have previously discussed various subjects in the blog, touching on my own experiences, and there will be more of a format moving forward. This is a process for everyone, not just the readers, but for me too as I’m learning what you find interesting and useful. I’m now at a good place to extend my subjects into the visual realm through Alex Over Sessions.

I will be back talking about self-help subjects next week. The next couple of episodes of The U Turn Podcast will be focused on acknowledgement and the unconscious bias, so make sure to tune in!

I’ll see you next week. Have a great day!