Your True Inner Self

So here we go, it’s Week 3 of the Alex Over Wednesday Lunchtime Blogs. Welcome!

Today I’d like to explore something that I’ve had a bit of a realisation about what it means to me. I’m talking about your ‘inner self’, your true inner self. It’s about realising and understanding yourself, in your own context as always, and there are a few steps you can take to understand what that truly means to you. It’s a subject within which you have to ask the questions yourself, ‘what does that really mean to you?’ Not giving in to social pressures, environments, and speaking up for what you truly believe in is who you truly are.

Sometimes that can take a very long time, depending on your circumstances. It could be something you realise later on in life, or people can realise it very early on. It’s not just a case of ‘finding’ your true inner self and hoping for the best, it’s more about, like the subjects I talk about on The U Turn Podcast, diving in deeper to reach an understanding of yourself and what it is you really enjoy.

I think a lot of the issues at the moment are based around the pressures of day-to-day life, what’s expected of you, and the way you’re expected to be doing things. And, actually, what you’re not doing is being true to yourself. Unfortunately, some people reach the end of their lives, they may have a lot of regrets and they never truly found it. I don’t want to sound cliché, but what this subject is about having the realisation right at this moment of time.

It’s a matter of looking at your relationships, whether that’s with family, friends or love ones, and looking at your job, environments, surroundings, and understanding what really ticks for you. Sometimes it’s a matter of looking back in a detached sense and thinking, ‘what have I actually achieved and what has really felt good for me in my inner self?’ It’s possible to wonder this without being selfish, and think about whether you’ve been a good friend/family member/loved one and had good intentions. But what you’re lacking is that one detail: yourself. Spend a little bit more time on yourself.

I think within Western society, we do like to be individuals and independents, and yet we rely on other people. So, I think your true inner self is more about not just being independent and wanting/needing the things you feel that you need in life, it’s more about understanding, as I always like to emphasise, your influences and past influences. I always get told not to look too far in the past or future, it’s all about now, but I think what’s fundamentally important is understanding what could be in your future and what has happened in the past and how that has affected you. By having your true self may be something that makes you feel uncomfortable and something you haven’t really experienced before, but you know deep down what it actually is.

It may be difficult but the best wisdom I can give you based on my own experiences is be upfront and have your say. Even if you feel vulnerable or if it’s something really out of your comfort zone, firstly listen – a very key point here is listen – to everyone else around you and acknowledge their feelings, and then you’re able to say how you feel. That is a step towards realising who you are. This particular scenario is me right now. It’s not in a self-indulged way, it’s more about being very clear and aware of who you really are. It’s where we as a society are very confused at the moment because of the ideas of us needing to have recognition and identity. That’s great, but you haven’t worked out who your true self is because you’ve been so limited or standoffish to the point that you haven’t really portrayed who you really are. Are you just living through the motions? It’s an interesting point.

So, inner self, that’s today’s Wednesday Lunchtime Blog.

See you next week!