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Label: Perpetual Collective
Catalogue: V001


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Alex Over and Andrew Shobeiri team up with British singer-songwriter Riah Knight on As They Fade: a stunningly evocative slice of mid-tempo deep house meets electronica. Alex Over and Andrew Shobeiri have a creative partnership; two multi-talented British artists that have been working on music collectively for several years. As They Fade is a vibe, pure and simple. Incorporating elements of soul, jazz, house and downtempo electronica, it draws you in with a warm, full bassline and subdued percussion, with Riah’s rich, evocative vocal casting a hypnotic spell. Unpredictable yet deeply comforting, it is a wonderful introduction to Alex & Andrew’s musical world.

“The inspirations behind As They Fade are vast, as collectively we all brought our own experiences to the table. Hopefully, we’ve created something that will really resonate with people: I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Alex Over​


Aaron Verdonk

Music Supervisor, Music Producer (Freelance: Trailers: CNN, VW, Apple, Amazon, Netflix)

"A fantastic deep house-inspired track. Funky, vibey, and cool af, this is a great track all around.

Commercially this is all the way luxury. Cars, jewelry, electronics, alcohol, fashion, this track sits at all of those tables. I would see it having the most success as an instrumental, as that bass line can ride the whole song and not get boring or overplayed, but the vocals are chill enough that I don't see them being disregarded too often.

In the long-format world, this would still work great as a track that in some way was pushing the idea of luxury or opulence. Even shows like Euphoria and alike would really vibe with this track as it really evokes that cool, sexy, imagery. This one feels incredibly relevant and would be highly sought after.

Stoked to hear where this one ends up"

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